Depression Models (2019)

After moving to a new town, and more importantly, into a new studio in April 2019, I was having a very difficult time continuing to work in the mode, or trajectory that I had been on previously. In an attempt to reclaim a productive daily practice, I began this series to keep my hands busy and my mind focused, without concern for an illustrated subject.

After preparing the surface as usual, put a layer of paint down. While it’s still wet, use dry cotton rags to remove the paint. Use as many rags as it takes, until they come away only barely smudged. Then use a pencil to freehand a perfect circle. Expect to fail in this, it’s very difficult. After a few days, when the surface has completely dried, repeat the process with a new color. The circle will then be mostly rubbed off, but there will be a ghost of it to guide the next attempt, which should come out a little better. Continue to repeat these processes until the product warms your sad old shitty heart.

from top:


20 x 16” oil, graphite/ polyester mounted on canvas 2019

Lady, I Done Washed

18 x 14” oil, graphite/ polyester mounted on canvas 2019